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"Swiss army knife" molecule

Scientists at ETH Zurich and an ETH spin-off have developed a novel polymer for coating materials, in order to prevent biofilms from forming on their surfaces. Thanks to the technological platform developed, it is now possible to coat durably a variety of different materials using the same polymeric molecule. Such coatings are of relevance for medical applications, among others. Read more 


An unlikely attraction

An unlikely attraction: Like charges normally repel each other. That’s not the case at the interface between air and water. This is where Dr. Matthew Brown's group, Surface Science and Technology, observed an unusual phenomenon with nanoparticles, and found an explanation. Read more 


D-MATL Members elected SATW Member

Prof. Nicholas Spencer has been elected to the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW), from 1st January 2012, in recognition of "his extraordinary achievements in the field of surface science and his successes in the realisation of the newest developments in surface technology". Read more 

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