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Patterning is of importance for a number of applications, especially including the fabrication of sensors. Over the years, we have developed a number of novel approaches to patterning at LSST, including molecular-assembly patterning by lift-off, selective molecular assembly patterning, the use of new plastomers for nanocontact printing, AFM nanolithography, and bimetallic, patterned ultraflat metal surfaces.


  1. Delineating Fibronectin Bioadhesive Micropatterns by Photochemical Immobilization of PS and PVP
    Olof Sterner, Marta Giazzon, Stefan Zürcher, Samuele Tosatti, Martha Liley, Nicholas D. Spencer
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces; 2014; 6(21) pp 18683-18692
  2. Template-Stripped, Ultraflat Gold Surfaces with Coplanar, Embedded Titanium Micro-Patterns
    Nagaiyanallur V. Venkataraman, Jia Pei , Antonella Rossi, Nicholas D. Spencer
    Langmuir; 2013; 29(31) pp 9935-9943
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